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Green Island Fun Dive

Fun Dive

Scuba diving tourism can be divided into boat diving and shore diving based on the different entry and exit water methods. Shore diving and boat diving also have different terrain and ecological features due to the differences in distance from shore and depth. Let's compare the information of the two and choose the scuba diving mode you want!

  • ​Walk to and from the shore.

  • $900/dive (1200/dive for solo trips)

  • 1 tank

  • 4 dives per day: 08:00, 10:00, 13:00, 15:00

  • 5 — 30m

  • Shilang, Dabaisha, Chaikou, Confucius Rock







Boat Diving

  • Take a boat to the dive site and enter the water from the boat.
    $3000/trip (4000/trip for solo trips)

  • 2 tanks

  • 2 dives per day: 07:30, 12:30

  • 15 — 40m

  • Great Canyon, Yixientien, Chicken Reef, Steel Reef


Fun Dive


旅遊潛水設計給有證照的潛水員。取得潛水證照後,當然要好好探索這片精彩的蔚藍世界囉 !

​綠島 | Green Island

Green Island, energized by the Kuroshio Current, boasts visibility often exceeding 30 meters. This ocean current fosters a rich diversity of marine life, including vibrant coral reefs with high coverage rates and a multitude of fish species. Canyons and unique geographical features, sculpted by elevation differences, create an intricate play of light and shadow. With its year-round exceptional visibility, Green Island has been recognized by international diving magazines as one of the world's top 100 dive sites – a true underwater paradise for divers of all levels.


​綠島 Green Island

Fun Dive



Green Island Fun Dive

Fun Dive


Activity Features:

  • Instructor-to-student ratio of up to 1:4

  • Dive sites are arranged according to sea conditions and diver conditions

  • Includes professional underwater camera shooting (subject to diver conditions)


Activity Fee:
Shore diving: $900 | 1 tank (1200/tank for solo trips)
Boat diving: $3000 | 2 tanks (4000/2 tanks for solo trips)

  • Includes: Dive guide, Tank, Photography, Insurance

Activity Duration: Each dive is approximately 40-50 minutes long.

Diving Qualification Restrictions:

  1. People without a diving certification please sign up for a discover dive or a diving certification course.

  2. We require Open Water level divers to first arrange shore diving before arranging boat diving.

  3. Advanced divers and above who have dived within the past year (regardless of location) can directly arrange boat diving.

  4. We require divers below the rescue diver level (including rescue divers) who have not dived within the past year to take a reactivation course before arranging a diving trip.

  5. If you sign up alone and there are no other dive buddies on the day (instructor-to-student ratio of 1:1), shore diving, boat diving, and night diving will be charged as a solo trip fee (please see the price list for details).


  1. The activity includes underwater photography. Please bring your own storage device to save the photos.

  2. Remember to bring your swimsuit or trunks, and a towel.

  3. Please do not wear sunscreen or makeup to protect the marine environment.

  4. If the sea conditions or weather are not suitable for diving, we will notify you before the activity.

  5. Please do not drink alcohol before diving. A hangover, staying up late, or a cold can all affect your diving condition. Get enough sleep and come diving with a relaxed and happy mood.

  6. Within 12 hours of a single dive or 18 hours of repetitive dives, it is prohibited to take an airplane, free dive, or ascend to an altitude of over 300 meters.

  7. Please note that you should not have any major illnesses to participate in this activity. Please read the PADI Medical Statement carefully before signing up.

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The more you practice, the stronger you will become.

You will also be able to explore more dive sites.

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