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Discover Scuba Diving






Activity Features:

  • Instructor-to-student ratio of 1:1

  • Maximum depth of 12 meters for the experience dive

  • Includes underwater photography with a professional camera

  • Provides fins for you to swim freely underwater


Activity Fee: NT$2,500 (Shore dive)

  • Includes instructor fee, equipment fee, tank, and photography

Activity Duration: Approximately 2 hours (including approximately 30-40 minutes underwater)

Activity Schedule: 07:50, 09:50, 12:50, 14:50



  1. Remember to bring a swimsuit or swimming trunks.

  2. Do not wear sunscreen or makeup. Let's start with ourselves to protect the ocean.

  3. If the sea conditions or climate are not suitable for diving, we will notify you before the activity.

  4. Do not drink alcohol before diving. Hangover, staying up late, and catching a cold will all affect your diving condition. Get enough sleep and come diving with a relaxed and happy mood.

  5. Within 12 hours after a single dive/18 hours after a repetitive dive, it is prohibited to fly, free dive, or climb a mountain over 300 meters.

  6. Please note that you do not have any major diseases before participating in this activity. Please read the PADI Health Statement carefully before registering.


Discover Diving

Discover Scuba Diving


Discover Scuba Diving

About 2 hours in total(Diving duration 30~40 mins)


Fill out the registration form and Health Declaration Form


Dive knowledge breifing


Distributing equipment, changing and departing


Dive into the sea


Return to the dive shop. Change clothes and get photos

​Please read this before discover diving
關於水肺潛水的基本小知識 !

If you participate in the Discover Scuba Diving activity and enjoy it, you may sign up for the Open Water Diver Course to explore the ocean further!

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