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Scuba Diving Course

​Explore the underwater world that is completely different from the land. After taking the certification course, you will be able to explore wider oceans around the world

​May your life and soul be deeply connected with the sea from now on.



PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), founded in 1966, is the world's largest scuba diving organization, with over 29 million certifications issued. PADI's courses are taught by qualified instructors who use standardized teaching materials. This ensures that all PADI divers are trained to the same high standards.

Diving certification course
We offer scuba diving courses from beginner to professional levels. Click on the courses to learn more about the content.

For information on professional courses, please contact customer service.
Open Water Diver Course
Open Water Diver Course
Your First Ticket to the Ocean

Start learning and exploring the fascinating underwater world.
Advanced Open Water Diver Course
Advanced Open Water Diver Course
It is recommended to have an advanced open water diving certificate when diving abroad.
Allowing you to visit all the wonderful diving spots around the world
Rescue Diver Course
Rescue Diver Course
Improve your rescue skills and safety knowledge.
Become a more reliable dive buddy.
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After taking the course, of course you have to have fun!​ Green Island is rich in ecology and has excellent visibility

​Check fun diving. Start your underwater trip now!

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